In Defense of the Female

IMG_0165By now we understand completely how the Female is sensitive to a greater degree than the Male, generally speaking. I hear over and over from females how hurt they are from a situation where a few words from their male counterpart would have made all the difference.

The two of you are there together. Someone walks up and says, “What is SHE doing here?”

Saying nothing can cause her to have a lasting, very long term, nearly impossible to forget, negative memory. Saying, “I WANT HER HERE.” or “SHE’S WITH ME,”

OR walking over and giving her a kiss or a hug.

Any of these gestures, or the like, will win you a girlfriend or wife who is carefree. You will set her free from a negative memory that’s almost impossible to forget.

Besides, YOU will be her HERO.


About Pasha

Life Coach, Your personal power radiating outward from your heart to others for a stronger community and a fulfilled life. I show people how to connect with their fuller brain through Imagination, Creativity, Awareness and their Intuition for a remarkable life using everyday steps and tools.
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