A kid, a 16-year-old student, pulled a handgun from his backpack at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA,. The suspect was a student at the school, Saugus High School, and that day was his birthday! According to statistics, this is the 38th shooting so far this year. Another student says he ‘grew up knowing this is a thing that happens.’

This is the reality and why it is important to have awareness as a part of being humane.

Awareness has been described as a higher level of living, according to Eastern philosophical thought. We find it when we can take the time to sit quietly and meditate. We can get it through a detachment from the source of whatever is irritating us. That’s when we are able to enter our balanced center.  Going from pain to peace.

James Allen, a philosopher and author of As A Man Thinkith, says, “if you allow truth to be the object of your meditation, (you’ll find) there is nothing dreamy about it. (The experience) allows nothing to remain but the simple and naked truth.”

The awareness I will describe is different from spiritual meditation. 

My approach is almost always practical, to be used in your go-go-go daily life. It is easy-to-do and creates a greater sense of self . This kind of awareness  keeps you safe and on top of your game in a pro-active way. It’s being aware of your surrounding and situation within 50 feet of your body and in a complete circle from where you physically stand or sit.  Then, simply notice what’s there.

No fuss, just make a note of what you see there, in your brain . Don’t spend an ounce of energy thinking good or bad. Don’t make any judgement at all. With no worry and no judgement your energy is free to move around, float around to use however you wish. 

Your subconscious is a sponge. When you take-in information this way, you do not forget it. No effort is needed to remember. Trust that your mind has a memory of it and the memory will be there. Safety is a basic right, a base right according to Maslow.

Please acknowledge the rightful origins of this chart. I think its so very good and clear.

In a crisis the last thing you want to do is be forced to make an on-the-spot decision. As you become aware of your surroundings your mind will expand. As you’re paying attention to your environment in this methodical way, and the time comes to decide what to do, you will be able to make the right decision for yourself. And you will be able to do it faster than ever before.

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Not Just Any Old Piece of Art

Art is like a conversation. Its has give and take, talking and listening. It needs two, you and the Art.

Perhaps you’ve said, . . . I don’t like Art, I can’t appreciate Art, I know nothing about Art, I don’t understand Art.

Plain and simple, Art is about its impact on you. How it affects your feelings and emotions. What it reminds you of, the memory of something. It allows you an opportunity to dream of a time in your past, or maybe even still to come in your future, when you could feel ____________________, fill in the blank.

That blank is what Art is to you, any one painting, photograph, performance art piece, sculpture, film, play, graphic design, music. It is what it is to YOU. And that MEANING is what makes it Art.

Know: It’s a secret you can choose to share, or not to share.

YOUR CHOICE. You’ve got the power to feel and appreciate, (not to understand with logic), only to find that everlovin’ feeling that wells up inside. To the degree that it affects you is the degree to which that Art is good Art.

Its been said there are two kinds of music, . . . good and bad. See what I mean?

Just remember, when someone experiences a work of Art with you and they ask what you think or did you like it, . . . its a secret you can choose to keep to yourself.

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Conflict Resolution

Holy Cow. Gee Wiz. Mama Mia. What’s the problem?

Somehow, we manage to get into conflict. We mean well. But someone inadvertently pushes our buttons and then we respond by pushing their buttons and it escalates into some sort of frenzy.

I wont patronize by saying something like, CHILL OUT. Here is where we could use a tool for getting back to peace and harmony.

As tempting as it might be to resolve things as soon as possible, it simply won’t work until both parties are calm, cool and collected. Don’t waste time and energy on the situation if emotions are red hot. Instead take a deep breath, give the other person space and resolve the conflict later.

Emotions live on until they find themselves in a higher consciousness, peaceful and content. Like a mother follows her toddler, follow your own emotions with a sweet comforting guiding wisdom that everything (and I mean everything) will reach resolution just as it is meant to be. Inside that knowing, you’ll find peace.

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True Freedom

I dare say, freedom comes from inside your mind.

It can mean sensitivity to the air, the atmosphere, to the light indoors and out, to color and design right in front of your face. Ooya.

If you are analytical, it means to stop the inner dialog of judgement, categorization and classification. We do not need to measure up.

If there is a need to explain your thoughts and feelings to others, and you don’t feel like getting into it, one or two words, a simple explanation will be fine. Since it is nearly impossible for them to fully understand, we may as well give-up on being understood to that degree and enjoy that freedom.

True Freedom is many things.

It is an inner dialog which works as a shield between what you are seeing and hearing in the outer world. Only you can know what it means to you in your inner world.

It means not needing to feel guilty when people are blaming you. Because they are not recognizing and owning their own feelings, they push the responsibility for their feeling onto you in the form of blame. They are reaching out to you because you are part of their circle, their circle of love. Keep that in mind.

Freedom means not being sure you fit into what society says you should be . . . be doing.

It means finding a path, not necessarily of least resistance, not laid out by anyone else.

It means being alert and aware of messages coming to you to move in a certain direction. And not being invested in where that direction is leading, because it may not follow a logical path. Trusting yourself.

It means remembering the child-like wonder you had as a child, before you were asked to conform. The feeling that flushes your face, creates excitement, and prompts you to straighten your spine and take a big deep breath.

It’s you cruising on a Sunday afternoon and feelin’ good.

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Only Value WHAT?

In a world of ordinary people living ordinary lives there are some people who have found gold. They appear the same as the rest of us except for one important difference. They value love above all other things.

Love is often unnoticed. Invisible, it has a bad reputation for being fickle. When people are not valued, when they lose at love, the real lovers among us often coach themselves to “take-it-in-stride.” They courageously struggle and strive to keep their hearts open believing love will find a way. It always finds a way.

When two people try to love one another, its marvelous as long as they can forget about who they are. Forget about taking a position, taking a stand in comparison to _____________(you fill-in the blank). People do throw up blocks to it. Love doesn’t need you to know who you are. It needs you to feel. It needs you to want to be loved.

It’s not a commodity. It cannot be measured, its priceless having a whole lot to do with your personal growth.  It tends not to be viewed as valuable when it comes in the form of a clean house, care for children, care for pets, clean clothes, a beautiful garden, a balanced home budget and a home-cooked meal. Why is this the case? And what about a fresh attitude for: 

“so glad you’re home . . .  with a hug and kiss.”

When a person takes on the lover/caretaker roll full-time or part-time, why are these tasks not considered a valuable part of life?

Around the world, caretakers often feel undervalued.  Not gender-specific they graciously carry gauntlets accepting the time and effort and considerable personal sacrifice it takes to create a loving home. They are intelligent caring people. They could be doing a lot of other things with their life. You know, time is a non-renewable resource. 

The lucky one’s are the recipients of the care given by their lover/caretakers. They’re lucky to  know they have gold waiting for them at home. They know their home is full of love and they treasure the source of that love. The source is that beautiful person who keeps it going on day after day. 

Now that’s putting value in the right place.

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Reversible First Impressions?

With your permission folks, I wish to revisit the subject of making a good first impression. Ways to proactively improve your irreversible first impression. Recently I have learned there is a way to reverse an undesirable first impression, but that’s a lot of backstroking. Do you love to kowtow? Probably not.

You certainly have enough information about creams and boxed face-lifts. Rather than topical, this information is practical and scientific. The book entitled, GLOW, does a great job of explaining the difference between your Constitution and your Condition.

Inside GLOW, Christina Pirello says, “Our constitution is determined before birth, by familial characteristics, ancestry, the environment of our mother and her food choices during our embryonic development. “

“Our condition is created on a daily basis. The texture of our skin and hair, the health of our nails, our weight, posture, stance, complexion, are all determined by our daily choices, with food being one of the most influential.”

I’ve had not one, but two major health challenges both of them curable by perfecting my diet (combinations and frequency of food) and the quality of my food (fresh vs. ‘you-know-what’) In my early 20’s I had hypoglycemia and later in my 40’s I had Ulcerative Colitis. Besides finding the right foods I also had to change how I responded to stress. Getting as upset as I used to get, not only upset others, it hurts ME directly and then I had to recover. Those unsuspecting recipients of my loud outbursts moved further away from me. To heal this I gave myself what I needed. Now I judge whats best for me by what peace it brings and how it connects to my heart. I am keeping the fulfiling things in life, whether or not it makes sense to anyone else and leaving the rest behind.

For more information, scroll back to see my blog: Boredom.

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Pirello’s Glow

Christina Pirello cured herself of Leukemia as many others have through diet and food choices that support the healthy functions of the body. She hosts an Emmy award-winning show, Christina Cooks, and is the author of books on cooking and eating whole foods. In her book, GLOW, A Prescription for Radiant Health and Beauty, she admits to a lifestyle of research on our connection to food and to nature. We have this in common in addition to her advocating folks be self-governed and to reclaim their heritage.

Here is the rub, as Pirello explains it.

“As we have grown more detached from nature, we have grown more detached from our intuitive knowledge about making peace with our environment. Living in harmony with our surroundings has become little more than a cliche that we bandy about without understanding what it means, or how good it feels to actually live that way” Glow, page145.

Also, “We live in a time when every self-proclaimed expert under the sun wants to tell you what’s best for you. The reason we grow more confused is that there is only one expert in life: YOU. The advice offered by experts can be sound and thoughtful but the wise person will f i l t e r the information through their brain and apply to his or her life that which is appropriate.


Its so close to the direction of my own work.

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