Intuition will lead you to your destiny. Your destination in life. It’s a sense of knowing whatever you’re doing is right. Whatever you’re saying is right. Whatever you’re planning is right.

It’s a knowing, . . . an acute sense that has absolutely nothing to do with logic. It defies logic. This is why, despite the evidence you’ve already experienced about your Intuition being true. Despite that you have said to yourself , “ You know my Intuition said that would happen!” Or, “I knew that would happen!” Still, You won’t follow it because you can’t explain to anyone WHY you followed it. You can’t explain to someone else why you took that action so you don’t do it. Later you know, “I should have, . . . ________“ You fill in the blank.

No authority has ever told you how valuable it is. No one said how true it is. In all your years, no one explained how perfect it is for you. How customized, how unique. How right it is!

It’s a sensitive feeling felt with your total body’s senses, along with sight, hearing, touch and taste. And those senses taking you higher . . . prayer, chakras, meridians. Through your sense of it, your intuition tells you that something feels right or it feels wrong. You will have a gut feeling to trust or to reject. 

If you stop to think, you’ve lost it. Think so you stay safe and noble. Leave logic out of it.

To keep aware of your Intuition takes so little effort. It could be said it takes negative effort. It certainly requires your trust. When you are able to tap into your intuition, a feeling of calm confidence begins to grow. And it keeps growing with every move you make in your life. It moves the direction of your own path. The path shown to you by your intuition. It is your guide. 

Here’s your wardrobe tip for today. To maintain the great color of your jeans and corduroy pants try this little step at the washing machine. Turn the pants inside out. zip the zippers closed but DO NOT button or snap the top. They will come out of the wash just as clean but the color will take much, much longer to wear out. All the longer to enjoy that great color.

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Got Bounty?

Over and over again I am amazed by the bounty of this world in our universe.

The increase comes in many forms. The more I keep close to my thoughts, molding and perfecting them into what I truly want in life, the more it increases.

I never know where the increase will show up. For instance, I had written a description for a rather challenging purpose. I thought so and therefore it was challenging to me. Something about the description was not clear. So I acknowledged it needed fixing as if there was a hole needing to be filled. I let go of the challenge and went about my days having gratitude for all I have, and wallah, the words fell into my lap.

In my lap was a pen and paper for note-taking of a Wow moment from a speaker on Audible, books read out-loud. I wrote the note and so it was in my head for the rest of the day. Toward the end of the day, I was again looking at the description needing clarity, the challenging one, when those notes rolled off my fingers onto the screen. The hole was fixed in a rather perfect way. Boy, was I grateful.

There is something out there that feels like a warm blanket. As I go about my purpose it seems to fill-in the holes. This is bountiful. I feel its directly attached to gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be radiant.

TO INCREASE MY OFFERINGS: I am now going to offer a little bit of wardrobe advice with each blog post.

After a day of wearing your clothes, it is a good idea to hang them out in your room to air-out before putting them in the closet. The next morning is better for putting your clothes away.

Here is a link:

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Imagination is the idea, creativity takes the idea and makes it tangible, real in this world.

Dr. Jung created the term, active imagination, as the process of making one’s subjective psyche objective.—that is, making the unconscious tangible in terms of images, voices, and inner experiences—so that it can manifest in ways we can more easily understand.

Manifesting is creating. Pretend you are a magician or an avatar from another planet. Do whatever it takes to realize you are a creative being. If that sounds strange, keep subscribing. I have ways to open your imagination and your ability to create.

How to deal with a problem or situation creatively.

Define the problem by looking at it from the Front, then turn it around and start from an Imagined Solution and work backwards to the beginning where you are right now. Seeing your problem from a different angle, from the sides or upside down means to bring in other elements that may flip it upside down for you. Another element like a spatula (pancake filler) or a carnival ride. Flip it on its head. I say, get a brand new mindset about your problem.

Einstein said “You cant solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

If you feel put-off or insulted by Mr. Einstein’s statement realize a statement I heard last year. “You can be right or you can grow into more ease and freedom.” author unknown

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“. . . within each of us is the creative ability to tap into that abundance, and to live from a place of fullness.” Martinelli

To live life with an active imagination is fun, relaxing and effective at combating all the stress in your life. However, it requires you to unlearn the ideas blocking your imagination. Are the thoughts stopping you actually serving you? I venture to say, those negative thoughts cause more stress than good.

You can remember imagination. You had it big time, as a child. Before the talking heads said anything at all. Be kind to yourself, let your imagination out of its protective shell into the wide-open air. Let it breathe so it can be your buddy. Take it along everyplace you go.

By entering into dialogue with those images and voices, Dr. Carl Jung found himself actively engaged with “emotional drives and dynamics that would otherwise have overwhelmed him,” Seems to me it led him to some very interesting, healthy places.

Your imagination can transform, convert, translate, disintegrate, dis-assemble and reassemble . . .

The nice thing is that it goes according to your wants and desires.

Nothing else works that way.

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 A kid, a 16-year-old student, pulled a handgun from his backpack at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA,. The suspect was a student at the school, Saugus High School, and that day was his birthday! According to statistics, this is the 38th shooting so far this year. Another student says he ‘grew up knowing this is a thing that happens.’

This is the reality and why it is important to have awareness as a part of being humane.

Awareness has been described as a higher level of living, according to Eastern philosophical thought. We find it when we can take the time to sit quietly and meditate. We can get it through a detachment from the source of whatever is irritating us. That’s when we are able to enter our balanced center.  Going from pain to peace.

James Allen, a philosopher and author of As A Man Thinkith, says, “if you allow truth to be the object of your meditation, (you’ll find) there is nothing dreamy about it. (The experience) allows nothing to remain but the simple and naked truth.”

The awareness I will describe is different from spiritual meditation. 

My approach is almost always practical, to be used in your go-go-go daily life. It is easy-to-do and creates a greater sense of self . This kind of awareness  keeps you safe and on top of your game in a pro-active way. It’s being aware of your surrounding and situation within 50 feet of your body and in a complete circle from where you physically stand or sit.  Then, simply notice what’s there.

No fuss, just make a note of what you see there, in your brain . Don’t spend an ounce of energy thinking good or bad. Don’t make any judgement at all. With no worry and no judgement your energy is free to move around, float around to use however you wish. 

Your subconscious is a sponge. When you take-in information this way, you do not forget it. No effort is needed to remember. Trust that your mind has a memory of it and the memory will be there. Safety is a basic right, a base right according to Maslow.

Please acknowledge the rightful origins of this chart. I think its so very good and clear.

In a crisis the last thing you want to do is be forced to make an on-the-spot decision. As you become aware of your surroundings your mind will expand. As you’re paying attention to your environment in this methodical way, and the time comes to decide what to do, you will be able to make the right decision for yourself. And you will be able to do it faster than ever before.

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Not Just Any Old Piece of Art

Art is like a conversation. Its has give and take, talking and listening. It needs two, you and the Art.

Perhaps you’ve said, . . . I don’t like Art, I can’t appreciate Art, I know nothing about Art, I don’t understand Art.

Plain and simple, Art is about its impact on you. How it affects your feelings and emotions. What it reminds you of, the memory of something. It allows you an opportunity to dream of a time in your past, or maybe even still to come in your future, when you could feel ____________________, fill in the blank.

That blank is what Art is to you, any one painting, photograph, performance art piece, sculpture, film, play, graphic design, music. It is what it is to YOU. And that MEANING is what makes it Art.

Know: It’s a secret you can choose to share, or not to share.

YOUR CHOICE. You’ve got the power to feel and appreciate, (not to understand with logic), only to find that everlovin’ feeling that wells up inside. To the degree that it affects you is the degree to which that Art is good Art.

Its been said there are two kinds of music, . . . good and bad. See what I mean?

Just remember, when someone experiences a work of Art with you and they ask what you think or did you like it, . . . its a secret you can choose to keep to yourself.

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Conflict Resolution

Holy Cow. Gee Wiz. Mama Mia. What’s the problem?

Somehow, we manage to get into conflict. We mean well. But someone inadvertently pushes our buttons and then we respond by pushing their buttons and it escalates into some sort of frenzy.

I wont patronize by saying something like, CHILL OUT. Here is where we could use a tool for getting back to peace and harmony.

As tempting as it might be to resolve things as soon as possible, it simply won’t work until both parties are calm, cool and collected. Don’t waste time and energy on the situation if emotions are red hot. Instead take a deep breath, give the other person space and resolve the conflict later.

Emotions live on until they find themselves in a higher consciousness, peaceful and content. Like a mother follows her toddler, follow your own emotions with a sweet comforting guiding wisdom that everything (and I mean everything) will reach resolution just as it is meant to be. Inside that knowing, you’ll find peace.

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