Hold Your Horses

I attended my friend’s church last Saturday. The sermon was important for a number of reasons. He started out talking about the massive amount of love there is out there for each one of us. Then he proceeded to discuss the ways we conduct ourselves in a crisis. The title of his sermon.

I was all ears, listening to him say what I already believed about human conduct in a crisis. That at the point of crisis, back-against-the-wall moments, minutes and maybe even hours or days of crisis, our true character is revealed. Not what we believe about ourselves, but what we are made of,  up to that moment.

The Pastor also recognized that it is time centric to the time frame of the crisis, which was the third time I found myself agreeing with him. Massive amounts of love and true character revealed being the first and second times.

But then he said something that I cannot wrap my head around. That’s putting it mildly.

 I am strongly opposed, even to the point of banner-waving protest.

He refered to “some” people as being EVIL, as being possessed by the DEVIL.

Wowh, hold your horses, Sir. Pastor, sir.

I thought only God had the right to Judge. Won’t those people get judged like the rest of us either in the present or in the after-life?

It made me sad that this Pastor with the credentials and the trust of his congregation should feel confident about judging any one of the people who are learning, growing and doing the best they know how. What about compassion, understanding and empathy?

Just a few sentences from this Pastor could have put it into perspective.

Every one, animals included, have the ability to become so out of balance and so threatened that they hurt and destroy their perceived nemesis. We all have this ability. I thought churches were the place to learn how to deal with bad behavior. Churches and a therapist session.

In my book, every living thing deserves allowance to grow to full potential. Including humans, animals and plants, macro and micro organisms. That means growing through our own personal crises. I believe this is what God/The Universe had in mind when we were created.

Within the realm of human interaction, judgement is not just the opposite of Love. Judgement cancels out love. Eradicates it. And most of the judging going on is pre-judgment. Also known as prejudice. Our ability to judge is merely to keep us safe and to secure our physical survival. Not for how to treat one another.


My God not only loves me massively, he loves every living thing massively, without limit.

Remember, “Let one among you who is without sin, cast the first stone.” I remember this.

In the end all there will be is Love. Right now all is Love, yet we so often don’t see it or acknowledge it. Nevertheless, we are meant to Love. Its part of our natural world.

I discussed this with my friend. At least i told him my thoughts, he chose not to make a conversation about it. That was disappointing. I did mention that love has an adjective.

Its unconditional  . . . L O V E. 

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Possibilities in Mirrors

Imagine a kaleidoscope. Using it limits all distractions because of looking into a tube to see whats there., focusing our attention.  We twist the outside tube to control the viewing of a regular symmetrical pattern which is ever-changing due to one or more objects reflected by mirrors as we move it for a different view.


Think about this? In control and focused on an ever-changing view all done by mirrors. Could this be helpful as a tool for de-stressing, for expanding our possibilities? Sure it can, why not?

Even for a short time, it feels good to be IN CONTROL.

Even for a short time, seeing reality reflected in patterns that change, and change and change. We can aim the kaleidoscope at a recognizable object or just one or more colors.

hare-4489_640               farbenpracht-1030123_640




Imagine having a problem to solve. Imagine having a kaleidoscope tool to multiply things you recognize, or to expand into color and pattern. Colors of people, patterns of thought.

Oh, the possibilities, the multiplicity of it all.  Now, how do you feel?

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Feel Like Leaving?

When life is not good, too confining, stress high, spaces are small,

. . . not enough room.


Think about this:

Common time, the 24/7 clock and calendar is not realtime. Its what we all have been told and we all agree it is the way time works. In actuality, time is infinite. We allow ourselves to be different, to be more by thinking WE CAN. Thinking this long enough, over a period of time, and it becomes our reality. There are examples of this all around us. 

So, if only for a few minutes . . . allow yourself to think of time as infinite. You will feel a shift, like what we’ve seen in movies as a time warp and a massive open space.

Most recently this has been illustrated in the Disney movie, A Wrinkle in Time.

Inside this space it is possible to achieve so much more. It is as wide as the sky with options numbering the mega million, similar to how many stars, seen and unseen.

Scientists, Physicists, Astronomers and some Medical doctors have come to realize this phenomenon. Their discoveries all blend into the notion that we belong to this wide space. Belonging in a way that is personal. They entertain the notion that we are actually a part of it.


So look at the sky (not the sun, bad) and leave the earth. Let yourself go out to the farthest distances of the universe. It will allow the stress to dissipate out and away from your body. As you return, many options and possible solutions will follow you back home.

Warning: Do not operate a moving vehicle or any type of machinery while practicing this exercise.

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You’ve Got A Friend

I’ve got a friend. He told me so in a song. How sweet can it get!  I keep saying you are your own best friend. Help yourself to dream of where ever you go to relax in your mind. James Taylor gave us permission. I’ve edited the lyrics for content.

“In my mind I’m going to Carolina. Can’t you see the sunshine, can’t you just feel the moonshine?
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind? Yes, I’m going to Carolina in my mind.

See (mine) the silver sun, you best walk your (mine) way and watch it shine,
watch yourself watch (mine) the morning come.”

“There ain’t no doubt in no ones mind that loves the finest thing around,
whisper something soft and kind.

Now with a holy host of others standing round me, still I’m on the dark side of the moon.
And it seems like it goes on like this forever, you must forgive me
if I’m up and gone to . . .Carolina . . . in my mind.”

In your mind your going to ___________________.

“Can’t you see the sunshine, can’t you just feel the moonshine?”

Your mind’s a powerful thing.


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Merinos are actually a type of sheep that live in the rugged highlands of New Zealand.  The fibers of their fleece are thinner and softer, more insulating and more breathable than the wool fibers of other breeds of sheep.  One reason it is softer is because the scales which make up the fiber are smaller helping a garment to be antimicrobial, because bacteria cannot latch on to the rough surface.

There is a place for both synthetic and merino fibers for athletics.  Synthetic materials are made from petrochemicals, or recycled plastic materials. These materials, while wicking moisture, do so through the spaces in between the threads. Wool on the other hand is a natural, sustainable fiber, and not only does it “breathe” through the spaces in between the threads, but through the fiber as well.  For those who prefer the synthetic fibers you may be experiencing a stink after several wearings. A great detergent called “Sportwash” will come to your rescue.

Wool you can be used multiple times without the synthetic stink. Although, most people will experience a wet animal smell after multiple uses without washing. Wool can absorb up to 1/3 its weight in moisture without losing its thermal properties. It regulates heat naturally, since by nature it  regulates an animal’s body heat living in temperatures below freezing in Winter to 80+ in the Summer.


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In My Face

Sometimes I wonder why I need to be so brave in order to get anywhere in life. I realize everyone has their own personal challenges. But in this case I’d rather not have company for my misery.

I got close to someone once, thinking he may be my end-all life partner. He showed over time that he could not grow out of a need to control every situation to suit his purposes. Compromise is not in this guy’s realm of possibilities much less a way of life for experiencing more love. Still, my strong sense of loyalty and compassion made me stick with him for three years. I learned a lesson. He does not care about my feelings or my wishes.  YUK!


Two years later I have developed far beyond the need to learn from this type of character. Around this time, he called to say he was dealing with Cancer.  Compassionately, I agreed to text him while he went through treatments across the country in California. Little did I know that during those three months he was introducing my Son to his daughter. When he returned from California he announced that my Son is in love with his daughter, that soon we will be sharing my Son’s three kids as grandparents, and boy, “We have two great kids together!” (My Son and his daughter).

Yuk! Now I need to have the courage to say nothing about his controlling personality even though I have a strong instinct to protect my family. He is sucking in each member of my family with the money he throws around and talks about money like a carrot dangling while he manipulates some more.

Where do I find the strength and courage to deal with this situation?



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Keep Talking

I believe many people feel what love is. We certainly can sense what it is not. We often can remember when it was knocking at our door or there in the room with us.

We can not return to that time. In all honesty, we wouldn’t want to go back in time.

Life has a perpetual forward movement, . . . onward and upward.

Like Spring flowers inching their way through newly warmed soil. Dormant all Winter, now they push toward their Spring blossoms, ever moving toward Summer’s maturity.

This is the same energy that pushes all of us toward our best selves.

Best Self – What is that? Who is that? Inside ME??

Yes it is! And you are itching to get out.

So keep talking . . .


You’ll discover love within.

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